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Saturday, July 25th 

@ 6 PM EST



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Autumn Palen

'Eating Lisa'

Autumn Palen is a graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where she obtained a B.F.A. in Film & TV Production and a minor in French. Her interest in visual storytelling began early, sparked by a desire to entertain school friends during recess, and continually kindled by a passion for bringing engaging, unconventional, diverse and absurd projects to life. /// ‘Eating Lisa’: A young woman attempts to eat the Mona Lisa. We are guided through her intense obsession with La Joconde, her success in capturing the piece previously thought to be uncapturable, and her tragic demise, as a result of ingesting that which she so coveted. It’s an odyssey, a tragedy, and above all, it’s tomfoolery.


C706783A-7CD5-49AC-9F26-18CAB480ED59 - A
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Irina Varina

'Things I'd Like To Do Instead Of Thinking About Men Ep. 2'

Irina Varina is an actor and film/theater maker. Her first feature film “Us, Forever Ago” is now available on Amazon, after a successful festival run. Most of her projects start out as explorations of life experiences that are hard to put into words or seem too shameful. /// ‘Things I'd Like To Do Instead Of Thinking About Men’ is a six part series/phantasmagoria about a woman who disappears... leaving behind a YouTube show called ‘Things I'd Like To Do Instead Of Thinking About Men’.


still-web series-irina varina and scott
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WhiteMirrorTitleCard0001 - Sam Augustin.
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Samuel-Taylor 'White Mirror'

Samuel-Taylor is a student at NYU Tisch-Drama. He believes that human beings should be treated with love and kindness - and that any other identifiers should not hinder the basic human right to exist in happiness. This short film was adapted from his very first screenplay, which explores this POV through the lens of racism and White Fear./// ‘White Mirror: The Color Red’: An artist tries to alleviate his depression through painting, only to be confronted with the reality that he’ll always be seen as a monster in the eyes of White Fear.





Sebastian Sommer is a filmmaker and writer based in New York City. His work has screened at places such as the TriBeCa Film Festival, Guggenheim Museum, Miami Film Festival, and has been featured in Vice, Paper Magazine, Nylon, and Vogue./// ‘Yorkville’: A love letter to a neighborhood in Manhattan. 


Yorkville_Final_Web - Sebastian Sommer.j




Claudia Ruiz is the director of "El Molinete Animaciones", a specialized stop motion production company based in Argentina. Her directing / stop animation credits include: “Dr. Cocicienzo” the series, “Science of Cooking” (2012), "The League of the Five Pens", "The Journey of Gaia",  “FELISA”,  “̈Niñas y niños cuenta” ̈ (Unicef), “ ̈Having of Serious Things” ̈ (Inca Award), & more.  Winner - Short Stories 2017:  ̈11.40 ̈. Winner - Espacio Santafesino 2017: “Ailìn en la Luna”. Winner - Script Espacio Santafesino 2018  “the awakening of the iguana”. /// ‘11:40’ follows Damián (10) and his little brother Matias (7) when they begin to attend a school located next to a jail. Damien looks at the watch he just received for his birthday and waits, anxiously, for 11:40 AM.

Claudia Ruiz - Director - Claudia Ruiz.J
1140e - Claudia Ruiz.png




Robert Sommerlad is a British animator and artist living and working in New York City. He has been living, breathing, and ‘grammin the ungrammable since way back whenever. /// ‘RIVER ONE’ is a satirical vision of New York City in the Pre-Apocalyptic Era. Genuine concern hidden beneath wisecracks and caricature. A glorious encore, a warm-up act, and a jumped shark. Coming soon to a bad takeout induced fever dream near you. 


RS_Face_Temp - Robert Sommerlad.png
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8b - Cody Kostro.jpg

Cody Kostro is a director, editor, and actor born and raised in New York City. He has a recurring role on the upcoming HBO miniseries Mare of Easttown. Rapper Girlfriend is a London born rapper currently recording music in New York. /// 

"Rapper Girlfriend" an up-and-coming British artist, is stabbed in the back by her jealous boyfriend before a meeting with a major record executive. 




I'm Rapper girlfriend Poster -Malarkey-



Ana Teixeira is a filmmaker and photographer from Puerto Rico and the diaspora. Their work captures their surroundings as a nonbinary/queer person in Puerto Rico’s metro life, the diverse members of the LGBTQA+ community, and the resistance against heteronormative societal standards. Through uses of magic realism in their narratives, to campy visuals and dialogue, Ana portrays the hyperbolism of the contemporary youth perspective. They have recently graduated with a B.A in Digital Film Production./// Divina Gracia’: High school student Lourdes Garcia discovers her inner divine feminity with the help of House of Grace and the goddess Yemaya.



img243 (1) - Ana Teixeira.jpg
DIVINA POSTER 2 - Ana Teixeira.jpg

Rodrigo Sopeña & Joana Solnado


Rodrigo Sopeña (Spain) is a screenwriter and film and television director ("Fermat's room", "Club Houdini"). Joana Solnado (Portugal) is a Portuguese-Brazilian actress ("O Ultimo Beijo", "Morangos com Açúcar"). Solnado and Sopeña met in 2019 at the workshop "Filming in Navarra with Asghar Farhadi". /// ‘Fire Extinguisher’: Milagros is obliged to install a fire extinguisher in her chapel. But first she will have to ask someone's permission... 


@rodrisopena @rosopena

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Stanley Vialli Thompson

'Why Did You Break My Bird’s?'

Stanley Vialli Thompson is a writer and director from Cornwall. His short films include ‘PUNCH’ & ‘Why Did You Break My Birds?’; the latter, filmed on 16mm with an ARRI SR3, forcing him to shoot only the best and most necessary scenes. He has also worked on several commercials and music videos as a Video Playback Operator. /// ‘Why Did You Break My Birds?’: Frank isn't sure why he broke those birds but he's trying to figure it out. Follow Frank as he uses the medium of a short film to attempt to understand how things have gone so far south for him and gotten, frankly, out of control in this irreverent comedy. 



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K. Prada 

'The Goddess in me' 

K. Prada is a filmmaker known for: El Greco (2019) Documentary Short - Cosplayers (2019) Documentary Short - Trekkies (2019) Short - La diosa que hay en mi (2019) Short - Dorien (2017 - 2018) - TV Series - Llegar (2017) - Short - Queridos Monstruos (2014) - Feature Documentary - Vicente Aranda 50 años de cine (2013) - Feature Documentary. /// ‘La Diosa Que Hay En Mi’ (The Goddess in Me): You can be connected and offline at the same time. 


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Foto - Kiko - The Other Side Films

Lije Morgan 'Interdimensional Pizza Pushers'

As a filmmaker, Lije Morgan has a great appreciation for narrative storytelling and loves to create strange characters in unique environments. He enjoys working in many mediums, often combining them whenever he gets the chance. /// ‘Interdimensional Pizza Pushers’: Follow Honeybear and Fishlips as they race to deliver pizzas across multiple dimensions! Created in 6 months for Parsons School of Design illustration senior thesis.

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 1.55.11 PM - L
Thumbnail_noise - Lije Morgan.png

João Pedro Soares

'Portrait of a man as an island'

João Pedro Soares is an aspiring filmmaker from Portugal currently studying a masters degree in cinema at Lisbon Theatre and Film School. With a background in Comparative Arts and Media Studies, "Portrait of a man as an island" is his first ever endeavour into filmmaking. Apart from this, you can find him reading a book somewhere quiet or taking care of his vegetable garden and pet worms. /// Portrait of a man as an island”: A short visit into the universe of a man who, in the solitude of our days, did not allow reality to smother his dreams. ​


Arne Hain

'Earth might be flat but we're all on it together!'

Arne Hain was born in Starnberg - where he worked as a production assistant on various short and long film productions. After graduating from school he completed an internship at Beast Animation in Belgium and worked as a camera assistant for Trikk17 in Hamburg.  In 2016 and 2017 he created two stop motion animated commercials for NIVEA, which were broadcast throughout Europe. In 2018 he directed the trailer for the FMX conference. In the US he has worked for Tippett Studio’s ‘MAD GOID’  and animated the stop motion holo chess scene for the Disney’s  "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker". /// Earth might be flat but we’re all on it together!’: Tiny earth is caught in a downward spiral. All due to capitalism and what it does to humans.

FAbut_still3 - Arne Hain.jpg
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malarkey: ANYTHING GOES! 

Andrew Lampert is a NYC based filmmaker, artist, and professor. His work has been shown at The Whitney, The Getty Museum, The Guggenheim, PS1/MoMA, The New York Film Festival, The Toronto Film Festival, and The Art Gallery of Ontario, among many others! He is one half of the creative firm Chen & Lampert, and his videos are distributed by Electronic Arts Intermix. Lampert served as Archivist and Curator of Collections at Anthology Film Archives, where he was responsible for managing the archive, preserving hundreds of films and videos, and programming public screenings

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malarkey 3 reachArtboard 3.png

Saturday, July 25th


@ 6pm EST

Malarkey: Anything Goes!




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noun: malarkey

  1. meaningless talk; nonsense.

    "that's a bunch of malarkey!"

Why "Malarkey"?

(We are NOT endorsing Joe Biden). 
The Malarkey Film Festival is a mostly-for-fun-but-serious-about-art screening event created with the intent to celebrate film, its makers and its community. The Malarkey Film Festival is founded in an effort to take some of the hot air out of filmmaking by lowering the stakes, encouraging audience involvement, and maintaining a commitment to accessibility. 
We strive to create a process that emphasizes the pleasure in creating with the hope of alleviating the inhibiting fear of showing work.

MFF is also a venue to get to know the filmmaking community in NYC, where you can build creative and working relationships at our events. 

How Does It Work?

The Malarkey Film Festival embodies malarkey itself with brand new guidelines for every festival.

Yep, it changes every time. 

If your film doesn't fit this time around, keep checking back here for upcoming editions of the Malarkey Film Festival. 


The Event

If selected, your film will be screened at the Malarkey Film Festival's Screening Event. Each event has a filmmaker meet & greet, screening, live music, and an award ceremony with cinephile-approved prizes.

At Malarkey Film Fest the audience votes for best film of the night! 

Now, in addition to the audience vote we've implemented an INDUSTRY VOTE!

For each festival, a film industry professional/artist will watch all selected films, select their favorite, and write feedback for their selected winner. 

Though Malarkey:ANYTHING GOES! is a virtual event, our festivals typically take place at 3 Dollar Bill BK, an inclusive queer bar/art space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 

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